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Casual Sex – Does It Really Work For You?

By on August 28, 2014
casual sex

Sex has got to be one of the most talked about subjects across the globe regardless of you gender or preference. Discussions always center on the good, the great and the mind blowing experiences had by gals and guys alike. However, human nature tends to have us keeping the not so good experiences or problems a little closer to home or strictly between our closest allies. Just walk into a coffee shop or bar where a group of girl friends are catching up and you could probably be forgiven for thinking you have just walked on to the set of ‘Sex and the City’! It’s great that we are so open these days and you could probably thank the internet for that breakthrough, yet at the same time, there are still so many taboos and misconceptions floating around. So, where does casual sex sit in all of this?

Casual Sex, is it right or wrong?

When it comes to casual sex it would be fair to say there are two very definite opinions about it. There are those who like it, who see no wrong in it – even if they’re already in a stable, loving relationship and those who would never go there, ever. The later believe sex is about forming a committed relationship and even if it meant they went without for the rest of their lives they would struggle to entertain casual sex. Sex for them is special and something to be treasured. Some of these people are possibly quite shy too so leaping into bed with a stranger after a wild night out is really not on their bucket list.

Regardless of any ones opinion casual sex is a personal choice and what suits one party may not necessarily suit another. Some personality types can handle the intricacies of casual sex a lot better than others. If we were to be brutally honest with ourselves the majority of us, whilst we enjoy the immediate buzz and thrill of meeting someone new or having sex with someone we don’t see that often, we are usually left feeling cold and unfulfilled the next day. The effects of casual sex can be emotionally and physically scarring – especially if you’re not suited to that kind of thing. Studies have shown that people who have engaged in short or long term casual sex very often feel more anxious, depressed and less emotionally fulfilled, than those who have been in stable, long term relationships with their partner or spouse.

Here are several of the many different types of casual sex that people have actually owned up to doing.

The Booty Call:

Probably the most well known. It’s very late at night – you may have been drinking and feel in the mood, but haven’t had any better offers. So what do you do? You call a “friend-with-benefits” and meet up for some late night lust. Not necessarily any harm in it, but at the same time not a healthy habit for either of you to get into, especially if, at some stage in the future either one of you gets into a serious relationship whilst the other one stays single. This can cause problems for both parties.


This might only be something that happens from time to time and not a regular thing, but the “need” to sometimes go back and experience a feeling that you had with someone you once loved is more common than you think. Many couples who have split report that they’ve either been tempted or have actually gone back and slept with their ex as a one off.

Pity Sex:

Ouch. No. Not a good look, but something that people do confess to doing – this is the “art” of sleeping with someone you’re not really that attracted do, don’t necessarily want to be with, but conversely they like you and always have done – so you sleep with them “as a one off” to make them feel better. It’s totally wrong, not justifiable and pretty low to be honest.

Warm Blanket Sex:

This is the type of sex we very often see in the movies. You might feel low and sad and need to feel a connection to someone, so you have a one off with someone in order to assuage your feelings of loneliness. The sex might actually be slightly more romantic and slow – especially if you’re both feeling blue, but the end result is still the same. Guilt.

So, before shedding your underwear on someone’s bedroom floor take a moment of clarity to examine how your coping mechanism is set. If it works for you, by all means enjoy yourself as you are both consenting adults. If not, then back up that truck and make a stand for what works for you. Don’t be afraid to recognize that maybe for you casual sex just doesn’t cut it.

Researched from Lucian Alvin: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Lucian_Alvin

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