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Dating for the Broken Hearted.

By on June 12, 2014
broken hearted

How does bliss turn to broken so quickly? How can we be floating along totally unaware that things are about to change for us? And, by change, I mean dramatically change!

From Blissful to Broken Hearted?

When we are on the receiving end of a relationship terminated by the one we adore the hurt and confusion can be so overwhelming and consuming. Obviously, the partner that has pulled the pin on the relationship has had time to consider their options, think it through, make plans and be comfortable with their decision. If there were no immediate warning signs the other partner (ie: you, me, us) is thrown into turmoil and now has a huge amount to process in one quick session as well as figuring out how to move on when they are broken hearted.

Once one partner decides to leave, it is usually immediate and that’s whether they are leaving for another person or simply because they have chosen to leave.  For the partner being left who is still trying to process everything it can be devastating.

Human nature tells us we must get back on the horse, put on our dancing shoes and go and meet another mate.  I know this because…. I’ve tried to do it! If your partner has left you for another woman I can guarantee this urge will be amplified by many degrees and despite being broken hearted you will pull out all the stops to try to make this happen.

Sadly, all that happens here is that we make choices in haste and desperation (and often fueled by too much alcohol) that we would not normally make. The intense need to prove to our ex that we are still desirable, that we didn’t really need him and have found someone better makes us jump into a new relationship with all of our baggage from the last.

So, how do you date when you are broken hearted?

You don’t! As cliche as it sounds, time is the best healer and you need to give yourself time. Spend time getting to know yourself again. Don’t be afraid to get mad or sad. It’s better to get it out so you can move on. It’s wonderful to be out and about with your friends again but putting on that over baked smile and trying to show the world that you simply don’t care will be seen through by most. When you are broken hearted you need time mend and get yourself into a good space.

Be good to yourself. Indulge in some nice things in your life whether it’s time with friends, a regular bubble bath, getting your nails done or some great outdoor activities. Fill your days with positive, supportive people and get some projects underway that give you something to plan or look forward to.  It might be a great overseas holiday with a friend or family member or even renovating your house.

Above all remember, you will love again and it will be when the time is right.

If you are broken hearted and struggling to move on from an important relationship why not check out The Breakup Cleanse and do what it takes to get your groove back.

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