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Feeling Left on the Shelf?

By on May 18, 2014
left on the shelf

You probably remember that really old song called “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.” This could describe the search that many people go on to find that elusive love that they’ve been hoping will find its way to them. There are too many people in the world that do keep trying to find love in all of the worst places they possibly could. If this is you, it’s possible that you don’t even realize you’re doing it. What you probably do realize, though, is that you keep striking out over and over again in the game of love.

That left on the shelf feeling

No one likes the feeling that they have been over looked or dare I say it left on the shelf. However, when it comes to ‘looking for love’ there are things that you must have in place first to increase your chances of hitting a home run. Before you even try to identify the type of person you a seeking you must have yourself together and ready to play the game. Are you in the best position mentally and emotionally to start dating? If you are still stuck on your ex or you are carrying any suitcases of emotional baggage (and come on, you know what I mean as we have all done it) you really are not ready to start dating. Emotional baggage will reflect in you in how you conduct yourself, how you communicate with someone and your whole persona. Make sure you are in your ‘happy place’ before embarking on this journey.

Getting rid of left on the shelf syndrome

Are you hoping to find that special connection with someone by indulging in bar hopping? While that almost always works when it comes to one night stands, you probably won’t find your true love in a night club. That’s not to say that it won’t ever happen, but the odds are usually not that high when it comes to long term romance and forever after relationships. It’s fun to go to out dancing and having a great time. Just keep in mind that having fun is usually all that happens in a night club.

If you’re trying to find someone to form a true relationship with, it’s good to sometimes get to know that person from the inside out. In that way, you can discover what sort of person he is and whether or not you’ve got anything in common. Many people choose to do this through online contact. This can be done through chat rooms as well as online dating websites. These sites offer the opportunity for people looking for potential partners to scan personal profiles, list their own, and match up with website members that they seem compatible with. This is a method that has worked successfully in a lot of cases and I say this from experience as I am now married to a wonderful man that I met online.

In this same vein, there are also match making companies that take charge of connecting people with those that are most compatible with each other. Of course, these companies cost a lot of money to sign on with them. For many people, though, there can’t be a price put on the chance for a healthy, loving and long term relationship. Some people save up to pay the fee so that they can join one of these services. If you meet someone who has invested substantially to meet a potential partner there is a higher likelihood that they are genuine in their quest.

You can also join various clubs and community groups where others have the same interests as you. These are the very places that you’ll find someone that can end up being the one you’ve been searching for all this time. Many communities have singles events and groups that you can join so that you can interact and become acquainted with other singles that are also looking for love. This method can sometimes be more effective than those you pay for.

Just keep in mind that when you’re looking for love, pay close attention to the places you’re using to hunt. That can tell you a lot about what your chances of success will end up being.

Remember, if you are not actively out there dating it doesn’t mean you have been left on the shelf. It can simply mean you are just not ready at this point in time. It’s better to spend extra time getting yourself into a good space so that when you push the go button on dating you will get the best possible results. If you are serious about loosing that left on the shelf feeling why not try Capture His Heart and be confident you are making the right inroads on your relationship journey.

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