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Make Men Line Up and Beg to Date You.

By on May 22, 2014
make men line up

Ever sat in a bar ‘people watching’ and noticed that some women just seem to attract men like magnets? You watch the way they casually hold several men’s attention without seemingly any effort on their part. How often have you wished you were like them with and able to make men line up and beg to date you instead of feeling nervous, anxious or gawky?

So how do these women make men line up and beg to date them?

Well, they are what we call ‘naturals’. Naturals are naturals because they unconsciously adapt their game on the fly, without really thinking and manage to make men line up and wait. So, can you learn to make men line up too?

One VERY powerful way is to simply not be too concerned with the outcome. If you’re talking to him just to have fun, and you don’t really care if he gets your number or not, you’ll almost ALWAYS have him asking for your number.

In fact, if you’re just enjoying the conversation, and not too worried about the outcome, he’ll offer his number and ask for yours without you even asking, hinting or hoping.

How do you NOT care about the outcome?

By NOT making men the main purpose of your life. Sure, enjoy them. Sure, talk to them. Sure, get involved with them. But never make them your total focus, or think that without them life has no meaning.

See men as an addition to your life, not the sole purpose. You will see that in no time at all you will make men line up to spend time with you.

How can you do that?

Come up with a HUGE plan for your life, and make it happen. Have a goal or plan for something off in the future, at least a couple years away that you’re working toward. Something that gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you motivated. That positive energy will pass on to all aspects of your life.

Instead of just bouncing around, and hoping for good things to happen, MAKE good things happen.

Turn your life into a masterpiece, and more men than you can handle will want in. You will have the power to make men line up who will just beg to date you.

If you truly want to perfect this art the check out Make Him Desire You and see if you can put an injection of enthusiasm into your dating or relationship life.

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