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Mens Biggest Peeves in Relationships.

By on September 9, 2014
mens biggest peeves

What fills your days? What are your passions? Having a life that pulses with outside interests, hobbies, and time with friends and family is the recipe for a healthy, happy 365 days a year. So many of us live our lives entirely in the 9-5 work day. We clean the house, walk the dog, pay bills and hope to endure the weekends and holidays because we have no significant other to share them with.

Here is the good news. If you will begin to participate in life by creating hobbies, taking up a sport, joining some area social clubs, going to lectures, plays and concerts, you will begin to see your life change. Not only will you see your photo album fill up with pics of you actually living life, but you will find men are drawn to the new, out-going, independent and active you.

So, what are mens biggest peeves?

Stepping outside our comfort zone is often a scary thing to do. But I’ve found the greatest things that happened to me were the ones where I faced fear and dove in. It’s amazing how liberating that is! Each step will encourage you to take another and you will see your confidence grow. And a confident woman is listed as one of the biggest turn-ons to men. A woman who spends her days watching TV or waiting for some guy to come along and fill her days was a big turn-off.

A recent survey of 2,000 men asked the guys for their 10 biggest pet peeves when it came to women. “A woman who has no life of her own” came in at Number 7. Men are most attracted to a woman who has her own outside interests, friends and passions. Guys fear a woman who makes him her entire world. To him, this means she will need him to fulfill her needs, make her happy, be there constantly, give up his own interests to be with her, and basically give this woman a reason to get up in the morning. No man is going to don his red cape and fly off to rescue a woman who is clingy, needy, and well… empty. It’s got to be one of mens biggest peeves.

Men and women differ somewhat here. Women may love to feel a guy has built a life around her. We’ve dreamed of the Prince and the castle since we were little. But for men, the freedom to run off with the Knights, slay a few dragons, drink some grog and eyeball a few wenches, tickles his fancy as well. Freedom is a big deal to men. The nesting instinct may be there, but not to the degree it is for women. His hard-wiring is to protect, provide and preserve. (And here, preservation includes continuing the family line, which equates to his sexual drive.)

So get out there! Do it for you! Fill up your diary pages with happy memories and challenges met. You’ll be happier, and you might land a cute guy to come along for the ride.

Rebecca F. Pittman is a motivational speaker and creator of TroubleshootingMen.net, a popular website for women that focuses on advice for dating, relationships, marriage, body image and self-esteem. The site inspired a TV Talk Show by the same name. Troubleshooting Men, What in the WORLD do they want? is also a comprehensive book on the same subjects and is now on sale on Amazon.

For more about creating a life that will attract a man instead of repelling a man why not check out The Women Men Adore.


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