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Over the Dating Merri-Go-Round?

By on August 18, 2014
dating merri-go-round

Just about every person’s dream (especially women), if they are being totally honest with themselves, is to met someone wonderful and settle down into a fabulous, committed relationship. Why wouldn’t you? We are creatures that crave companionship and love. We need it in our lives almost as much as we need the air we breathe and the water we drink. It’s a very primal need that has been with us for generations and shows no signs of disappearing or becoming extinct.

However, life being as it is, sometimes this dream doesn’t deliver the goods, in the package we specify, within the time constraints. Frustration and disappointment is felt by men and women alike, all over the world, in all walks of life and age groups. It’s not gender specific, it’s not age specific and it’s certainly not race specific. We all have issues meeting our Mr Right (or Ms Right for the boys) and some of us go to great lengths to rectify the problem.

The dating merri-go-round.

I was single for many years. In and out of relationships, some good, some bad. Hoping that one day I would find the harmony and love that some of my wonderful friends had already found. My experiences have led me to share a few simple tips with you that will have you off the couch and fending off multiple suitors in no time at all and staying secure on the dating merri-go-round.

1. Exude Confidence – Lift your head high and walk tall. Dress well and take a real pride in how you present yourself in every way. Be a walking advertisement of a together person by exuding a confidence that others will desire. No one wants a slob so make a real effort to show your style in the way you dress and present yourself, how you keep your home and how you keep your personal possessions like your car.

2. Surround Yourself with like-minded People – The power of positive thinking is hard to ignore. By linking yourself with positive up beat people you automatically get a super charge of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is beautiful and people are attracted to it like a magnet. Be involved in what is going on around you. By inserting yourself into different groups you also increase your odds of meeting other people. Remember it’s a numbers game after all.

3. Be Great Be You – Confused? Don’t be. This is my number one tip to everyone. You will not find a compatible mate by trying to be someone you think they want in their life. You must be you. Be authentic and yes be the best person you can but to yourself be true. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to be someone else. It will never work in the long-term.

Before you can even expect someone to be attracted to you, you must be happy within yourself. That happiness and contentedness will glow like a beacon and that my friends is one of the most attractive things in person. Stop looking, enjoy life and you will be surprised what will come your way. Enjoy!

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