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Saying “I Love You…”

By on May 6, 2014

In my constant search for helpful articles and inspiration in the relationship world I stumbled upon this article by Amelia Chen.

Amelia Chen is the co-founder of LoveByte which is a mobile app that provides a private space for two to communicate, share things and remember precious moments. Thank you Amelia for your insight and sharing. Enjoy the read…

To feel loved is not all about the words, there are other ways of showing your love and affection for someone that may speak even louder to their hearts than those three little words. It is all about showing that you care. Even though saying I Love You is important, it might be somewhat overly used and loose it’s meaning, if not shown.

Here are some ways of saying I love you, without saying it:

1. Listen. When your partner talks, even if it is a story you have heard a hundred times, it is apparently important to your partner, so listen actively and take in all the words they are saying. Show them that you have listened by referring back to something they said. This will truly make them feel loved as it shows you care and are interested.

Listening to those little things. By really listening, even in an everyday conversation, you can easily show how much you care. By paying attention to those little things your partner say, maybe just in passing by, it shows you care and truly listen to what they say. it can be small things such as noting their childhood favorite sweets in the store or a particular song of a band playing on the radio. If you buy for example their favorite sweets later, and your partner goes; “OMG! You remembered!” that’s when you know you got it right.

2. Random surprises. These include giving you partner small gifts or surprising them in their everyday life. It can be small things such as picking up their favorite magazine on the way home with a box of chocolates, buying flowers for no special reason or cooking a romantic dinner at home with the table decorated with candles and flowers. These random surprises show them you care about their well being and happiness and this is an important cornerstone in any relationship.

3. Take time for your loved one. To take time and make plans for your loved one is important in a relationship. It shows them they are important to you. Sometimes it might not always go as planned and it might have to get cancelled from time to time, but to try and shift things around and make sure you have some quality time with your loved one really shows how much you love them. Going out and doing something fun with your partner, or just staying at home having dinner together ensures that you have time to bond and talk about all those things going on in your lives, so you don’t feel left out and miss out on important events.

4. Quality and quantity time matters. In a relationship both quality and quantity time matters, so schedule in both of these. Quality time is when you go out and do something special together, like a vacation or a date night. Quantity time is when you just spend time together. It can be in your house, just sitting down on the sofa talking, spending half an hour before bedtime just talking a bit about your day, cooking together or just watching TV. This time is important as well as the bond between lovers is all about feeling close and cared for.

5. Give your loved one undivided attention. This means turn off the TV, put your cellphone down, let your chores rest and your hobby wait for a while and just focus on your partner and give them your full attention. This tells them they are important to you, that you care about their feelings, thoughts and well being. That your relationship is a priority in your life. This is very valuable for being able to solve fights easily and to prevent unnecessary misunderstandings and to ensure your loved one feels listened to and appreciated.

6. Do things without being asked. Help your loved one out with even the smallest task such as doing the dishes or taking out the garbage without being asked. If it is a small minor task they hate doing, do it for them without waiting for them to ask you. This shows you care about them and are willing to do whatever you can to help them out and care for them. You can also do small tasks such as filling the car with gasoline and clean it so your loved one doesn’t have to, you can cook and do the groceries if your loved one normally does them to help them out.

7. Hug, kiss and cuddle. Being physical shows your affection so kiss, hug and cuddle a lot to show your loved one you love them. For some people the tender touches speak loudest to their heart and just a hug can say a thousand words. Give your loved one a kiss when you get in the car, hold hands when you are out walking together, give your loved one a hug and a kiss before leaving, even if it is just for shopping two hours, and place a hand on their shoulders when you are near, all these small things shows you care and love your partner, without having to say it.

If you are looking for help or inspiration to learn how to better express your love for your partner or significant other then I can highly recommend The Language of Desire. I’ve tried it myself and was impressed how straight forward but enlightening it was.

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