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The Right Help for the Right Results

By on June 1, 2015

I once read “Only when a person wants, needs and most of all, will appreciate your help, can you help them.”

Never has a truer word been said.

We sure waste a lot of time, energy and money in our society trying to help people who are simply not ready to be helped.

From where we are standing we might be able to see how stuck they are or how a few simple changes could make their lives so much better and more fulfilling. However, until they are ready, nothing is going to change so we may as well save our breath.

I see a lot of this on our Women’s Forum at my other site, Love Girl Talk. I and many of our wonderful members regularly offer excellent advice to those that are troubled in some way as a result of relationship or dating issues. It’s incredibly rewarding to see those that reach out and really take on board the guidance that is offered. They listen, absorb and make a plan to improve their situation. It’s actually beyond exciting! I just love it.

We also have those that spend their time making excuses and playing the blame game with no intention of taking a single piece of advice that they are given. Maybe it’s not their time yet. Maybe they need to stay in their journey for longer. Perhaps there’s more for them to learn before they move into the light.

Everyone processes “their stuff” at their own pace and no matter how well meaning the advice is if it’s not their time or they are not tuned in and ready to hear it, it will fall on deaf ears.

So, that bears my next question… are you ready? You have clearly dialed in here to seek some form of help. It may be a major breakdown of a relationship you are trying to come to terms with or it could simply be a little hiccup on that dating and relationship roller coaster.

Whatever it is and whatever has brought you here I’m going to ask you to do one little favor for me and take a quick look at…

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This is a result of a huge amount of research and an equally as large amount of “on the job training” by yours truly to create one, easy to use program to help woman from all walks of life live, find and keep the love they desire and deserve.

This program will help those of you who are single and wanting to find a partner …

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