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Will It Be Crumbs Or Will It Be Caviar?

By on May 28, 2014

Every where you look far and wide you see couples.  Married couples, couples dating and couples in obvious long term relationships. In all honesty most of my observations of couples are generally quite good. Being part of a couple appears to be the thing to do. After all, it’s human nature to want to bond with someone and share your life with them. As human’s were not wired to be permanently alone. Our souls consciously or unconsciously seek a mate.

The difference between crumbs and caviar

However, not all relationships are good for our souls or our beings in general. A big mistake a lot of women make when meeting and dating men is that of not setting acceptable boundaries of behavior. Here’s how it goes…. you meet a guy.  He’s cute, he’s witty, handsome and you are really into him (remember I know this cos I’ve been there). Here’s the crunch… he hasn’t called for a date in a couple of weeks. Oh, you’ve had some texts so that must mean he’s into you, yes? No, you’re settling for the crumbs he’s tossing.

Honestly, if  he liked you, he’d make the time to see you. If he really was too busy, he would want to make sure you knew that, while still making his interest clear. The last thing he wants is to risk losing you. Another scenario is a  woman who has been dating a guy for years, who makes lots of promises for the future. There’s one problem though. Year after year, those promises are still being made and have yet to materialize.

Women focus on the texts, or the promises, or whatever little thing a man does, because they’re latching on to any crumbs the guy throws them. They need to convince themselves that these crumbs are a sign that he must be into them, because the alternative, that he’s just not interested, is too painful. But by clutching to crumbs, you’re keeping yourself from the right man. There will be no crumbs with your soul mate, you won’t have to scan everything he says and does to find one little nugget of gold you can hold onto. You’ll have no doubts of his feelings and intentions.

Being able to identify patterns in your relationship life will help you create better habits around the way that you value and conduct yourself in your relationship.The man of your dreams is the man breaking down doors to be with you so don’t settle for those who make a minimal effort and just tossing crumbs when they feel like it. If you are entertaining a relationship like this it may well be time to move on. Letting go of something that is not good for you will clear the ground for you to meet someone wonderful or it may cause your current love interest to step up to the plate and play a better game. Good luck.

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